Empower Your Family to Reach It’s Greatest Potential

A comprehensive program to transform your family, take back control of your life, and achieve more Harmony & Balance.

Do you struggle with these common Family Challenges?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed juggling personal, work, and family responsibilities
  • Work takes precedence often cutting into personal and family time
  • Family gets the leftovers of an exhausted me at the end of the day
  • I know a strong home culture is vital to our success, but I don’t know how to create one
  • Not on the same page with our family values, mission, and what matters most
  • My marriage isn’t nearly as strong as it could be


Let Us Help You Create a Stronger Family!

Create Your Family Vision Board

A simple process with 13 Videos & 15 workbooks to create a family vision board and get clear on what matters most.

Build Your Family Culture

Recognize each other for living the family mission and values by easily creating and sharing stories (12 months Family Storyline Access).

Track Personal Goals and Family Rituals

Stay on track by monitoring your personal goals and family rituals while more easily making transitions thru life.

Create Meaning. Become Intentional. Achieve Harmony

DESCRIPTION:  Program distills the core principles that any family can use to build intention into all aspects of your lives so you can achieve more harmony and balance. The simple, step-by-step online process provides everything so your family can work together to find your meaning and purpose!

Family With Purpose is for all families. Together, you’ll identify your:

  • Family Mission — What it means to be a member of your family and the difference you make in the world.
  • Family Values — Morals & principles to guide decision making and strengthen your family culture
  • Family Days — Special days your family will celebrate
  • Family Rituals — Habits to help create strong boundaries & set clear expectations
  • Personal Goals — Set your mind, body, and spirit/soul goals

You will enter the results of your work online and then use the Family With Purpose private newsfeed to strengthen your family culture by safely creating, sharing, and storing everyday stories of your family members living out your values and mission.

$97.97Only $97.97

Finding Meaning and Purpose is the

Key to a Great Family!

We believe strong families are unstoppable and that leaders are developed. Our program is tailored so you can work with your family to create a Family Plan and then learn the tools for cultivating productivity, balance, and purpose in every aspect of your life.

"Family With Purpose really opened my eyes and I found emotions that had been buried deep within my heart. I now understand how to makes those first steps towards balance."

Kristin Elliot - President, PME

Why is Family With Purpose so Effective?

In today’s lightning-fast culture, our attention is pulled in every direction. Parents are navigating balance of work and home, while kids are busier than any previous generation. Add the energy we put towards social media, breaking news, video games, and television, and it’s no wonder we’re feeling disconnected from one another.

Habits form in your family – regardless of whether you’ve developed them mindfully or not. By building intention into your family’s interactions, shared commitments, and vision for the future, you bring everyone onto the same page and strengthen the bonds of your family.

Family With Purpose Program Includes:

  • 12 Instructional Videos
  • 14 Downloadable Family Plan Guides
  • Life Time Access to all videos and guides