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So many working adults put great effort into their professional development and business structure, while their family dynamics are left to simply unfold on their own. As a parent, you are responsible for providing leadership and direction, just as if you were a CEO or business owner.

The greatest predictor of success and harmony is understanding your shared story.

In business, we call this a mission statement, but for families, it’s rarely defined – until now.

When everything’s important, nothing’s important. The One-Page Family Plan is an online tool for families of all sizes and ages.

What is a One-Page Family Plan?

The One-Page Family Plan guides you through the process of creating a team environment in your household. By taking the time to collectively craft your family’s inspirational, big-picture story, each “team member” is able to identify his or her meaningful role in it.


Family Mission

What It Means to Be a Part of Your Family


Family Values'

Principles that Guide Your Daily Interactions


Days that Make a Difference

Those Special Days Your Family Will Celebrate


Family Rituals

Habits that Help Create Boundaries & Set Expectations'

Why is a One-Page Family Plan So Effective?'

In today’s lightning-fast culture, our attention is pulled in every direction. Parents are navigating balance of work and home, while kids are busier than any previous generation. Add the energy we put towards social media, breaking news, video games, and television, and it’s no wonder we’re feeling disconnected from one another.

Habits form in your family – regardless of whether you’ve developed them mindfully or not. By building intention into your family’s interactions, shared commitments, and vision for the future, you bring everyone onto the same page and strengthen the bonds of your family.


"This really opened my eyes and I found emotions that had been buried deep within my heart. I now understand how to make those first steps towards balance."

Kristin Elliot - President, PME

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